The Professional Pace at IADT: More Credits, More Savings

The Professional Pace at IADT

Some students want to dig in and finish their degree as quickly as possible. If that’s you, look into our Professional Pace program, which lets you take more credits per term so you can graduate sooner. It also saves you significant money on your overall tuition – as much as $35,000 at IADT ground schools.* Quite simply, the more credits you take per quarter, the less you pay.

  • Save up to $200 per credit, $4,000 per term at IADT ground schools and up to $7,200 on a bachelor’s degree and $4,000 on an associate’s degree at IADT-Online.*
  • May incur less debt from student loans.*
  • Set your own pace and finish your degree faster.
  • Courses work together – You can have opportunities to do projects that involve two or more of your courses.
  • The accelerated pace can prepare you for the rigors of the real-world.


How does the Professional Pace work?


It depends on your degree level.  For an associate’s program, it means you’ll take 16 credits each term except for the final term, which is 12 credits. For a bachelor’s program, you’ll take 12 credits per term for the first academic year and 16 credits per term in the subsequent academic years through completion of the program. 

Tuition in the professional pace program also includes the required textbooks and supplies in the supply kit for students who enroll in the professional pacing program each term.  (This does not apply for IADT-Online.)

Ready to get more information on how the professional pace can work for you? Just fill out  the simple form below and an admissions representative will be in touch soon.

Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

*Compared to taking 4 credits per term versus 20 credits per term. Increasing credits per term may increase out-of-pocket expenses.  Please consult the school’s Financial Aid department to discuss options. For IADT-Online, overall savings of up to $7,200 for a bachelor’s program and $4,000 for an associate’s program are based on attending at the Professional Pace and successful completion of each course  (total program cost would be $64,800 for a bachelor's degree and $32,800 for an associate’s degree) versus taking 12 credits per term (for which total program cost would be $72,000 for a bachelor's degree and $36,800 for an associate’s degree). The Professional Pace program is not applicable for students at IADT-Chicago.