Repayment of Financial Aid

It is important to understand that most types of financial aid come in the form of student loans. For most student loans, repayment is, or can be, deferred until after you leave school or drop below half-time status. At the International Academy of Design & Technology, we will not only work with you throughout the financial aid process, but we will also provide you with valuable resources to understand and make informed decisions about your repayment obligations.

When you leave IADT, you will have access to a student loan specialist who will stay in contact with you regarding the repayment of your student loans. The specialist will be able to provide you with information regarding grace periods, deferment, forbearance and more. This individual will help you be well-informed if you need to set up a payment plan.

For those who like to plan ahead, we have provided student loan repayment resources you can review before you even begin your coursework. Below you will find links to the Department of Education's website on loan repayment and a loan repayment calculator. Please take the time to review these resources to gain a full perspective on your student-loan borrowing.

If at any point in the process you have questions or need more information, an IADT financial aid representative will be happy to provide assistance.

The financial aid process and available programs may vary based upon the state where you live and the campus you choose to attend. Please refer to each school's catalog for a comprehensive list of available programs and requirements.
Financial aid is available for those who qualify. School grants or scholarships are based on established criteria as published in IADT catalogs and are awarded after verification that the conditions of eligibility have been met.
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