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Photo of Nav Ramasamy

Name: Navrinthan Ramasamy

Title/Position: Full-time faculty, Audio Production

Educational Background:

  • Bachelor of Music, Berklee College of Music

Professional Experience:

  • Professional Songwriter/Record Producer: Universal Records /Jive Records/Bad Boy Records /J Records

I Got Into This Field Because … Growing up, I always wanted to be a singer. As I pursued my dreams and learned more about the industry, I discovered talents I never knew I had and thus started branching into many different areas of the business including mixing, songwriting, record production and in two cases, artist development.

What I Love About Teaching Is … I discovered a lot of truths and misconceptions about the industry through trial and error and from being involved in the field. Teaching gives me the opportunity to share with students all of these personal experiences that could save them a lot of time when they decide to venture into the field. I also love showing students a completely different perspective of an idea they think they have completely figured out.

One Thing Most People Don't Know About Me Is … I did a lot of ghost-writing when I first entered the field and needed quick money. There are a number of records that made it to national and international airwaves that I had a hand in helping to create but received no credit on. Today, I am still actively working in the mainstream music industry, and I bring these experiences to the classroom and share them with hopes that my students will not repeat the same mistakes I that have made.

My Notable Awards/Achievements Include: Billboard Hot 100 placements


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