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7 Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Interior Designs

May 29, 2012 IADT Chicago, Interior Design 0 Comments

Interior Design MirrorFurniture, lighting, artwork, electronics, accessories, paint, carpet—these are just a few of the elements interior designers tackle in their daily work. Once the layout, furniture, paint, and other major features have been established, interior designers can finalize their designs using fun and stylish accessories. And the most versatile of these accessories is the mirror.

Mirrors aren’t just for staring at reflections. When incorporated creatively into interior designs, they can add so much appeal to the space. Here are seven ways to use mirrors in your interior designs:

  1. Use mirrors to add space. Mirrors make rooms appear larger, so they’re the perfect solution for rooms that are small, awkward, or bizarrely shaped. Remember: the bigger the mirror, the bigger the effect.
  2. Accessorize using decorative mirrors. You can use simple frames, add mosaic tiles to the border, or use other materials to make a mirror fit the room’s theme.
  3. Make a mirror look antique. You can distress a mirror using home improvement materials.
  4. Hang a series of mirrors on the wall for artistic effect. They can be the same or vary in size and shape. Arrange them in symmetrical or asymmetrical patterns depending on the tone of the room.
  5. Don’t forget functionality, but be creative when needed. Full-length and vanity mirrors found in bedrooms and bathrooms are pretty standard, but you can use embellishments or thoughtful staging to make them stand out.
  6. Use mirrors to reflect light. One of the greatest advantages of using mirrors is that it brightens a room, so try placing mirrors near lamps or light fixtures or in places where they’ll reflect natural light.
  7. Use mirrors to sell your style. if you’re selling a home, mirrors can help potential buyers to see themselves using the space—quite literally.

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