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Top Spring Fashion Accessory Trends

March 19, 2013 Fashion Design and Merchandising, Fashion Design, IADT General, IADT Chicago 0 Comments

Fashion Merchandising For Spring Spring is here. Along with the rising temperatures, the emerging tulips, and the returning birds comes a whole host of new spring fashion trends. From floral patterns to futuristic designs, fashion merchandise managers have been busy stocking their shelves with a number of can’t miss designs.

As with any new fashion season, the question invariably becomes: How do you accessorize these new outfits? Below is a list of the fashion accessory trends you will want to keep your eye on this spring season:

Going Tribal

Tribal accessories have invaded the runways, store fronts, and sidewalks. Featuring iconic bold prints, simple shapes, rich textures, and gentle hues, tribal inspired accessories are a great way to add a bold statement to your new spring outfit:

  • Wooden Bracelets: Wooden bracelets and other wooden accessories create an elegant yet simple look.
  • Tribal Print Wraps: Accessorizing with tribal print scarves or wraps can offer up a little punch to the right outfit.
  • Handbags: From muted tones to bright colors, fashion designers are featuring any number of tribal inspired handbags in their spring collections.

Showing the Feminine Side

The trend of showing off and highlighting the feminine physique is still going strong this season.

  • Ladylike Handbags: The small, structured and versatile handbag is probably the most popular of all types of the bags being carried this spring.
  • Jewelry: Jewelry accessories that are small and sparkly or notoriously feminine, like a single strand of pearls, continue to populate the runways.

Looking to the Future

Featuring sharp, modern edges and metallic hues, futuristic accessories are once again making their way down the runways:

  • Bracelets and Cuffs: Plastic bracelets and cuffs with bright colors, sharp edges and angular designs are adorning the wrists of any number of fashionistas this spring.
  • High Rise Shoes: High rise shoes with spaces, angular designs, and cutouts offer a true futuristic look.

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