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Tricks for Using Floral Patterns in Interior Design

March 16, 2012 IADT Chicago, Interior Design 0 Comments

Floral Interior DesignMany homeowners and designers like floral patterns, but they can be tricky to implement. If you don’t use florals appropriately, they can set the wrong tone in a room by making it appear overdone or ultra-feminine. If you want to try something new or expand your design scheme, try these interior design tips for using floral patterns.

Ways to Use Floral Patterns

Before you make any major design decisions, consider the types of design materials and accessories you can use to incorporate floral patterns:

  • Throw pillows and blankets
  • Quilts or comforters
  • Curtains
  • Upholstery
  • Artwork
  • Table cloths
  • China
  • Rugs

Choose what you like. There’s no point in adding florals to your interiors if you don’t like them, so pick what you’re comfortable with. Not all florals display bright, detailed representations of flowers. They can be understated, especially if the detail is small, and the patterns can range to large, bold, and colorful designs.

Layer different patterns. To achieve the correct balance in your style, layer your floral prints and blankets with other solid colors and patterns in the same color scheme. This can add variety and texture to a room and prevent the florals from appearing too feminine.

Pick masculine colors. You have a couple of options if you want to use florals without creating an ultra-feminine style. First, choose patterns that are based on more abstract shapes rather than intricately detailed flowers, and pick leaves over blooms. Second, pick patterns in gender-neutral hues including blues, greens, and browns.

Start with a pattern you love. Your desire to add florals to your design might arise from your affection for a certain blanket, pillow, or artwork. If you’re designing a room around such an item, make sure you focus on achieving balance through the color schemes. Figure out the central color and complementary colors, and make sure some elements of the room are solid neutral hues if your central pattern stands out. Add accessories that match the style and atmosphere conveyed by the floral as well.

Go to your local craft or fabric store if you’re not sure how you want to implement florals in a room. You can easily browse different fabric patterns to get a sense of the color and style you’re looking for. If you fall in love with a fabric, you can make your own throw pillows or contract someone to design curtains or other accessories for you.

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