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How Graphic Design Affects a Company's Brand

June 29, 2012 IADT General, IADT Detroit, Graphic Design 0 Comments

Graphic DesignGraphic designers have plenty to think about. For instance, they work mostly with the visual appeal of a certain project. But before they get started, they have to choose from a diverse variety of multimedia to use. And then they have to take the message goal into account. All the juggling is worth it, though, if the graphic design work correctly portrays a company’s brand.

Branding is crucial to the success of any business—it helps potential customers understand the mission of a company and what sets it apart from its competitors. Graphic design has a close relationship with branding because it literally portrays what a brand looks like, from the logo to the website design.

When it comes to branding, design can impact the appearance, atmosphere, functionality, message, and more that a company wants to convey. Here is a brief outline of how graphic design affects branding.

Consistency—Graphic design has to be consistent across different communication channels and multimedia to ensure that it fits the overall design vision or goal.

Packaging—Packaging design or other print media that have a tangible quality can impact both the look and feel of a product.

Authority—Quality designs that convey persuasive messaging without any mistakes help a brand portray itself as an authority in the industry.

Tone—Branding can range from serious and professional to fun and spontaneous, and graphic design is one of the major indicators of a brand’s tone.

Functionality—Whether a graphic design projects has multiple features or emphasizes a streamlined process, the design affects the brand’s reputation as customer-friendly.

Relevancy—Graphic design that complements the messaging succeeds at reaching its goals, but designs that distract customers from the message or overall goal can hurt the branding.

Memorability—Having a simple but strong logo and color scheme impacts whether customers remember your brand.

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