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How Adobe Muse is Changing Web Design

July 10, 2012 IADT Chicago, IADT General, Web Design and Development 0 Comments

Web DesignA website seems like is a simple thing: a virtual place people can visit to gather information, entertainment and experiences. Creating a website, however, is not so easy. Not until Adobe Muse was released. Adobe, the computer software company that revolutionized multimedia in the 1990s, has introduced its finest creativity tool to date: Muse.

Here is how Adobe Muse is changing Web design:

1.) Ease - Historically, the hardest part about creating a website has been mastering a whole new language known as coding. Code, such as JavaScript, CSS or HTML, is a type of communication spoken between a programmer and a computer. It involves a text and syntax completely foreign to those that haven’t spent months or years studying it.

With Adobe Muse, there is no need to learn coding. The program does it itself. All a user has to do is put in the basic information and requests, and Muse does the writing, speaking and comprehending.

2.) Speed - Websites, like any piece of construction, take time to get off the ground. There are rough drafts, dry runs, trials and tests. This can take weeks to get underway, especially if the Web designer is new to the craft. But by using Adobe Muse, potential designers can combine their unlimited vision and brief experience to quickly create a professional-level website.

Muse uses simple elements like pull-down menus and multi-task navigation bars to create an environment where designers can turn out efficient quality work.

3.) Reliability - Adobe prides itself on reliability. Their software programs work, no matter the system they’re being run on or the person running them. It is this same dependability that now delivers Muse.

Muse offers a complete tutorial that gives users all the information and practice they need to become versed in Web design. Designers can transform print layouts into workable 4-D websites without fear of crashes, glitches or start-and-stops.

Adobe Muse turns a complicated job into an easy, fun experience. It is a one-of-a-kind program that promises to make the task of Web design as easy as typing “dot com.”

Want to learn how to use Adobe Muse and other web design tools? Consider a web design degree program to pursue a path you’re passionate about.


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