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Tips for Promoting for Your Graphic Design Student Work

January 3, 2013 IADT Orlando, IADT General, Graphic Design 0 Comments

Graphic Design PromotionPromoting your work as a graphic design student is similar to doing so as a freelance graphic designer, so getting a start in school is great practice if your career path leads you to freelance work. The following tips could help you get your name out there:

Your main tool will be online marketing. It’s much easier to accomplish by yourself and generally reaches a wider and broader audience. Utilizing tested search engine optimization (SEO) techniques is a great starting place. Climbing the ranks of Google search results is great for exposure.

It’s not just enough to directly promote yourself, however. Stay involved in online communities relating to design and you can get instant exposure. The more places your name appears the better. Creating accounts on all of the major social networking sites for the sole purpose of advertising, as well as creating portfolios of your work wherever possible, will increase your publicity on the Web.

Gaining a large client is also a great, albeit somewhat harder, promotional tool. A recognizable client means you can drop that name for references, will have access to a lot more clients, and will most likely have consistent work. The exposure gained from working with a large company is nearly unbeatable.

Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth. Post your work in local shops, restaurants, and other public venues. Exposure is key, and gaining exposure locally is usually easier than doing it broadly. With a local following, it can become much easier to expand your circle and gain clients elsewhere.


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