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The Best Upholstery Fabric for Pet Owners

December 21, 2013 IADT General, Interior Design 0 Comments

The Best Upholstery Fabric for Pet OwnersIf you have pets, you know that their claws, teeth and fur can to horrible things to your furniture. Picking the right upholstery is vital if you want to have your couch and other furnishings last. 

The best upholstery fabric for pet owners is typically patterned or evenly textured with a tight-weave in darker colors and washable synthetics. Obviously, it's helpful to select textiles that are not easily scratched or snagged by pet claws, and that can be easily wiped or brushed to remove soil and pet hair.

Here are some other recommendations for pet owners:

Synthetic Fabrics

Synthetics are ideal in homes with pets because they wear well, are not prone to tears or scratches, and can be easily wiped with a damp cloth. Any pet hair that gathers is easy to remove with a lint brush, too. Look for fabrics such as microfiber and Crypton (described as a super fabric), specifically made for pet-friendly homes. They are resistant to water, stains and bacteria, which is especially desirable in homes with pets and children.

Leather and Vinyl

Two other good choices for pet owners are leather and vinyl because they are very durable and pet hair will not stick to it. When soiled, leather furniture can be wiped with a damp cloth and leather cleaner without damaging the surface. The one downside to leather is that it is susceptible to scratches, so keep that in mind if you have a cat who likes to scratch.


In less formal areas of the home, denim is a rugged and durable upholstery fabric choice. It is very easy to clean and not prone to attracting pet hair. The weave is even and tight, so snags and scratches are not a concern.


If pets come into a home after furniture is already in place, a canvas slipcover made of cotton can preserve upholstery from pet damage. Cotton slipcovers are durable, easy to wash and not prone to ripping or scratching.

The Worst Fabrics for Pet Owners

If you have a pet and like more luxurious fabrics, you may have to settle for using them as window coverings and tapestries that are well out of reach. Textiles with loose weaves and nubby loops are highly susceptible to snags, and are difficult to repair if damaged. Here are some fabrics to avoid if you have pets in the home.

Chenille is very durable and soft, and tends to hide dirt well, but the pile is uneven and easy to snag on cat claws.

Silk is very delicate, so animals will destroy it quickly. Velvet is also very luxurious, but easy to damage and very difficult to clean.

Tweed is like a magnet for pet hair. It becomes embedded in the rough surface, and is almost impossible to clean. Pet claws can easily snag and tear the fabric, too, so it's best avoided.

Choosing textiles that are darker in color, patterned, evenly textured and with a tight weave work best in homes with pets. Keep this information in mind when choosing fabrics and furniture for your home.

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