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How to Research Fashion Design Schools in Chicago

December 7, 2012 IADT Chicago, IADT General, Fashion Design, Fashion Design and Merchandising 0 Comments

Fashion School in ChicagoTrying to choose among your fashion design school opportunities in the Windy City? You can narrow down the hunt by using effective research techniques. Follow three simple steps as you decide on a Chicago fashion design degree program:

Step One: Define Your Goals

Ask yourself these questions to consider schools that will fit you:
  • Why do I want to go to fashion design school?
  • What types of fashion do I enjoy?
  • What kind of fashion design do I want to do?

When you’ve answered these questions, you can establish your fashion design goals and look for a school that can help you meet those goals.

Step Two: Fulfill Your Needs

After defining your goals, start researching schools that can help you fulfill them. If a fashion design program offers training in the type of design you want to do, add them to your list. Do any of the schools have opportunities to gain practical, professional experience in your area of interest? Avoid programs that can’t help you fulfill your needs so your choices are narrowed down.

Step Three: Look at Teaching Styles

Chicago offers a diversity of fashion design programs, and you might still have trouble choosing one based only on your goals. In this case, it’s important to consider your learning habits. In what type of classroom setting do you thrive? Do the schools have particular teaching styles that can be effective for you? Talk to someone from the schools you’re considering to learn about their classroom environments. You can get the most out of an education by choosing a school that serves your learning style.


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