IADT-San Antonio's Summer Kickoff Workshops

June 23, 2011

June Summer WorkshopsDon't miss IADT-San Antonio's Summer Kickoff workshops and open house on Thursday, June 23, from 5 to 8 p.m.!

We'll be offering these workshops:

Graphic Design
•5-6 p.m. Introduction to Illustrator
•6-7 p.m. Portrait Drawing
•7-8 p.m. Visual Hierarchy in Advertising

Fashion Design & Merchandising
•5-6 p.m. Summer Fashion Forecast
•6-7 p.m. Creative Director of Bikini Colada and IADT alumni Daysi Alas will speak about her bikini line and have a mini fashion show
•7-8 p.m. The summer trends for accessories with Fashion Stylist and IADT alumni Grizelda Garza

Advertising Design
•5-6 p.m. Consumer Behavior 101: A Shopper’s Perspective
•6-7 p.m. Fundamentals of Drawing
•7-8 p.m. Visual Hierarchy in Advertising

Merchandising Management
•5-6 p.m. Visual Merchandising and Store Display Interactive Workshop
•6-7 p.m. Retail Buying and Inventory Selection
•7-8 p.m. Financing Options for your Business

Web Design & Development & Internet Marketing
•5-6 p.m. Social Media Workshop
•6-7 p.m. Web Design and Development Discussion Forum
•7-8 p.m. Blogging Workshop
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Programs at IADT-San Antonio include Advertising Design, Fashion Design & Merchandising, Graphic Design, Internet Marketing, Merchandising Management, and Web Design and Development.