Web Design and Development Courses at IADT

web design and development degree

IADT’s Web Design and Development program explores the possibilities of the ever-evolving Web and can help you build a knowledge base of theory, terminology and best practices. Instructors, many with professional experience in the field, lead you through each step of creating a website, from planning to development to implementation. Through our curriculum, you can learn to navigate content management systems and practice programming while also diving deeper into advanced topics such as mobile design for smartphones and tablets.

Take a look at the courses below to find out what you can learn in a Web Design and Development program at IADT.* Topics can include:

Multimedia Design I

Students explore the principles of interactivity and animation in a multimedia program. Upon completion of this course students should be able to understand and apply the principles of interactive presentations incorporating text, sound, images and video in a multimedia program.

Advanced Scripting Techniques

Students are expected to continue developing their skills to create Web pages and explore color, text, speed, and space limitations of both hardware and software. Students will also post their pages live, maintain and update them, and explore troubleshooting issues and maintenance of a website and server.

Interactive Mobile Application

This course focuses on utilizing industry-current technologies for Web authoring to provide content for the mobile browsers.

Programming for the Internet

This course focuses on the fundamentals of Web creation and usage. Differences and limitations of browsers, Internet terminology and Internet usage will be discussed. Use of XHTML in the creation of Web design will be conferred as well as an introductory overview of graphic Web applications and development of an introductory website.

Usability and Interface Design

In this course, students will have the opportunity to learn theories of graphic user interface (GUI) and human computer interface (HCI) to understand how users relate and interact with computers and the web.

Web Design Fundamentals

This course provides an overview of the field of Web design and development from a practical and professional viewpoint. The use of color, layout, textures, imagery and typography as they apply to effective Web design will also be discussed.

Website Advertising and Design

This course focuses on the communication skills and design techniques that are necessary for creating promotional materials and advertising campaigns. Students will have the opportunity to use what they learned from case studies and apply it for developing advertising strategies and transform them into completed projects in Web media. Market research, consumer behavior and sales techniques will be discussed.

See the full Web Design and Development program curriculum in the IADT Catalog on our Documents & Resources page.

*Courses are subject to change. Certain courses are only included in bachelor-level programs. Not all schools offer all courses, and the exact course name may differ at different campuses.Valid GED or high school diploma required for admission.