The Associate of Applied Science in Visual Communications (AAS): Multimedia and Web Design Degree Program at IADT

Do you have a passion for design? Do you want to learn how to apply that passion in the multimedia industry? If so, the International Academy of Design & Technology may be the place for you. Our Associate of Applied Science in Visual Communications degree program with Multimedia and Web Design concentration can help you gain both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills used in digital media technology.

Through our Multimedia and Web Design degree program, you can engage in dynamic learning opportunities in an environment that encourages both personal and professional development. Our comprehensive curriculum features hands-on training opportunities that can help you gain fundamental skills in the areas of visual communications, multimedia, web design, computer illustration, digital imaging and more. Graduates of this training program can go on to pursue a wide range of career opportunities in the fields of visual communications, multimedia and web design.

Classes in IADT’s Multimedia and Web Design degree program are designed to help you gain a thorough understanding of the concepts, techniques and tools used in the multimedia and web design industries. Through a combination of project work and individual design assignments, you can develop an in-depth visual communications portfolio. Project work, creative design and communication skills also are emphasized.

Below is a sampling of course topics included in IADT's Associate of Applied Science in Visual Communications: Multimedia and Web Design degree program.* Classes are led by instructors with relevant career experience.

  • Introduction To Computer Concepts And Applications
  • Design Fundamentals
  • Drawing I
  • Typography I
  • Graphic Design I
  • Theory and History of Visual Design
  • Digital Photography
  • Computer Illustration I
  • Digital Imaging I
  • Desktop Publishing I
  • Multimedia I
  • Web Design I
  • Portfolio Development for Visual Communications
  • Interactive Web Scripting
  • Web Design II

*Course curriculum is subject to change.

These are some of the exciting careers in multimedia and web design. With the right education and your own initiative, one of them could be in your future:

  • Junior Web Designer
  • Interface Production Artist
  • Graphic Design Assistant
  • Media Production Artist

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