Internet Marketing Courses at IADT

Internet marketing degree

Explore media design, market research, search engine optimization and more when you take Internet Marketing courses at IADT. Each class focuses on a specific topic in the diverse marketing field to help you become adept at many disciplines.

Enhancing your strategic skills means honing your abilities to analyze market data, produce quality content and collaborate in creative environments. Our instructors assign coursework that can mirror projects in the workplace, giving you practical tools to help develop and implement strategic campaigns.

Find out if our Internet Marketing program fits your interests by reviewing a selection of course descriptions below.

Search Engine Optimization

In this course students can explore image, local, industry-specific and vertical search engines. Students will be given the opportunity to learn how to increase website relevance and determine how products and services are viewed. Quality and quantity methods can be used to analyze online consumer behavior.

Social Media Marketing

This course can focus on effective ways to incorporate the Internet into a comprehensive social media marketing campaign. Students will have the opportunity to learn various approaches to delivering a message utilizing this technology. Online marketing techniques such as link strategy, mail lists, content site advertising, newsgroup marketing, viral marketing, RSS, blog-vertising, behavioral advertising, and emerging techniques could be examined.

Web Analytics

This course focuses on how to evaluate whether a website is accomplishing its marketing objectives and how to report the productivity of the website to the company/client.

Interactive Mobile Application II

This course can introduce students to Rich Internet Applications (RIA) development, optimizing interfaces for human interaction, and the use of persistent data within a mobile application.

Internet Marketing Research

This course will present the opportunity to extract data from business resources that can provide information about products, services and consumer behavior. Students can focus on this information through research and understanding research methodologies that are specific to the Internet.

Media Design Concepts

This course provides the student the opportunity to research methods and techniques of creating personal digital content. Students can explore a powerful array of software-based tools including podcasts, movies and websites that utilize design concepts being used with all media.

Media Planning

This course will challenge students with the problems, techniques and strategy of buying advertising space and time effectively and economically in newspapers, magazines, radio, television, Internet and outdoor media.

See the full Internet Marketing program curriculum in the IADT Catalog on our Documents & Resources page.

*Courses are subject to change. Certain courses are only included in bachelor-level programs. Not all schools offer all courses, and the exact course name may differ at different campuses. Valid GED or high school diploma required for admission.