Game Production Courses at IADT

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In today’s job market, you not only need to know your role, you also need to understand the ones around you. At IADT, courses in our Game Production and Game Design programs cover topics that help you appreciate and prepare for a variety of roles.

The industry requires talented individuals who combine teamwork and professional communication with creativity. You can develop these strengths by taking a diverse combination of courses in our Game Production curriculum, illustrated in the selection of courses detailed below.* Course topics can include:

Game Animation

This course focuses on the creation of 3D animated cycles, characters and props for games using animation software. Topics can include the development of walk cycles, linking and hierarchies, and forward and inverse kinematics.

Game Play Scripting I

This course could introduce students to the fundamental concepts of the Adobe Flash environment and ActionScript for creating games, prototypes, and tutorials. Students will be given the opportunity to gain proficiency in the use of scripting and interactive techniques to create games that convey effective timing, style, and animation.

Game Theory and Mechanics

This course will study the mechanics of games across a variety of genres and platforms in order to discover what properties a game must have to be compelling, interesting and fun. Students will be given the opportunity to analyze games and game play elements through play tests and critiques. Upon the successful completion of the course, students could be able to write design documents that convey concepts for games within constraints.

Level Design

This course can introduce students to the fundamental concepts used to create levels for games. Students can incorporate level design and architecture theory, level design principles, game balancing, play testing and storytelling. Students will be expected to build and test levels that reflect design concepts.

Modeling I

Students will have the opportunity to learn to navigate a 3D interface and to use modeling tools to create and manipulate three dimensionally modeled assets and props.

Storyboarding and Storytelling

This course focuses on the development of visual representations of story and game play elements through the study and creation of screenplay and storyboards. Emphasis can be placed on visual language, story conventions, element creation and the ability to translate story from text to image.

Web Game Development

This course explores real world game scenarios. Students have the opportunity to analyze and produce a series of projects that use scripting to solve these problems. Students also can complete a final project that synthesizes the interaction design and scripting techniques covered in the previous courses.

See the full curriculum in the IADT Catalog on our Documents & Resources page.

*Courses are subject to change. Certain courses are only included in bachelor-level programs. Not all schools offer all courses, and the exact course name may differ at different campuses. Valid GED or high school diploma required for admission.