Fashion Design and Merchandising Courses at IADT

fashion design and merchandising program

Develop your interest in fashion design and merchandising by pursuing a comprehensive, hands-on curriculum. At IADT, our fashion design and merchandising courses challenge you to master each step of the production process, from forming a design concept to marketing the finished product.

In some courses, you can learn to experiment with colors, patterns, and other design fundamentals. In others, you can learn the intricacies of creating computer-generated sketches. Together, these courses evolve your conceptual and technical skills to help you prepare for the complexities of the fashion field.

Explore the unique balance of courses in our Fashion Design and Merchandising programs by reviewing the selection below.* Topics can include:

Computer Graphics for Fashion Design

This course can cover the basics of computer illustration as applied to fashion design. Focus can be on computer needs for the fashion industry and will include scanning and manipulation of line drawings, fabric and other images.

Fashion Sketching I

This course can demonstrate the relationship of clothing to the human figure, its proportion and how that translates into a line drawing or a “flat,” used by designers, manufacturers, retailers and merchandisers. Nomenclature of clothing items and parts and fashion vocabulary could be emphasized. Various drawing media will also be introduced.

Clothing Construction I

Principles of basic construction and cutting techniques are studied and industrial sewing machines are used to construct a complete garment. A notebook of machine and hand-sewn samples is compiled for future reference. The focus of the course is on accuracy, technique and neatness.

Fashion Publicity and Promotion

This course focuses on public relations, stylization, and publicity practices employed within the fashion and entertainment industries. Students will have the opportunity to learn principles and techniques used to create press kits, promote fashion events, coordinate photo shoots, develop celebrity images, and guide consumer preferences and behavior.

Apparel Production

Students could design and develop garments from concept to finished product using product development and production techniques.

Pattern Drafting I

This course can introduce the fundamentals of flat pattern design using drafting techniques and pattern manipulation with dress form body measurements.

Draping I

This course can introduce the fundamentals of draping and the importance of grain and proportion as they affect the design of garments. See the full curriculum in the IADT Catalog on our Documents & Resources page.

*Courses are subject to change. Certain courses are only included in bachelor-level programs. Not all schools offer all courses, and the exact course name may differ at different campuses. Valid GED or high school diploma required for admission.