Sell Your Creativity Over and Over for Fun and Profit--An insider's guide to the licensing industry. Jeanette Smith lectures to students and creative professionals at IADT-Seattle

February 15, 2008

Seattle, Washington February 15, 2008 - Jeanette Smith, consultant, coach, agent and all around licensing whiz extraordinaire, recently gave a lecture at the Seattle Campus of the International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT-Seattle). The audience was composed of IADT students from a wide array of creative disciplines who are interested in understanding how to maximize the licensing potential for their creative products. Fashion, graphic design, web design and game design students were joined by the ranks of professional artists, illustrators and graphic designers who aspire to leverage the potential in all of their creative undertakings and came to the lecture to learn more.

Jeanette Smith

Jeanette Smith, who owns J'net Smith, Inc., provided a professional creator's workshop-a clear and concise blueprint to reach out and teach creative's what they need to know about licensing their work, protecting their rights and taking their artistic creations from drawing board to worldwide acclaim and recognition.

Jeanette Smith comes from a long background in the media industry. Originally from Oregon and self-described as leaving the great northwest to face greater challenges and to work in New York City at media conglomerates such as Macmillan Publishing, VIACOM and United Media, Jeanette Smith had her own creative defining moment when she chose to believe in Scott Adams and Dilbert.

She built brand recognition in Dilbert and leveraged its brand equity on a global scale. Jeanette led the strategic planning, did all the deals, creative development, and realized complete market penetration the day a manufacturer in Brazil (the nation) wanted to license Dilbert for a Speedo bikini brief.

At the height of the Dilbert phenomenon this highly branded cartoon character was bringing in $200M a year in retail sales. Sum total, Jeanette Smith did over 100 licensing deals with Dilbert involving 785 products in 40 countries, 16 books, 20+ advertising sponsorships and a television show that ran two seasons. Jeanette Smith did such an outstanding job leveraging the brand assets in Dilbert that I am afraid to write the name Dilbert without it costing me money…or maybe publisher Larry Coffman ;) *

Becoming rich in royalties is the dream of every creative. It's often called the ability to make money while you are sleeping. Jeanette Smith provided the IADT-Seattle community with the complete lowdown on licensing from defining all of the different property types that can be licensed to explaining the essential elements of a contract between a licensor and a licensee, royalty rates and more. The information provided by Jeanette Smith will have a long-lasting and profound impact on many creative careers. To request more information contact Jeanette Smith at or scan

*Larry Coffman is the publisher of Marketing and the recipient of this recap.

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