Local Academy to Offer New Degree Programs

December 8, 2009

Bachelor Degree Programs Raise the Bar at IADT-San Antonio

San Antonio (December 8, 2009)—The International Academy of Design and Technology (the Academy) announced today it will offer three new bachelor degree programs beginning in 2010. The Academy will provide students with the opportunity to earn Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Fashion Design and Merchandising, Graphic Design, and Advertising Design.

"We are thrilled to be able to enhance our programming and give the students an opportunity to prepare for their futures," said Program Chair of Fashion and Design and Marketing Cynthia Rangel, "Our new bachelor degree programs allow us to provide more extensive and in-depth knowledge of the fashion, advertising and graphic design industries for these creative minds."

The Fashion Design and Merchandising Program will prepare students for entry-level opportunities in fashion, retail, and merchandising. This interdisciplinary program allows students the opportunity to develop skills in market and trend research, apparel design, pattern drafting and draping, and clothing construction. Students will further develop basic skills in business and retail management, merchandise displays, and publicity and promotion.

The Advertising Design Program is designed to prepare students to pursue opportunities in the design, creation and implementation of advertising campaigns as well as marketing design. The program examines the graphic, typographic, photographic and audio / video elements of advertising; supportive advertising copy. The development of marketing and advertising campaigns will be covered and the roles of e-commerce, branding, project management, media planning, and consumer behavior will be studied.

The Graphic Design Program will allow students to build a solid foundation with the knowledge and skills graphic designers use every day. The students will study design programs, techniques, and develop portfolios by taking graphic design projects from start to finish. The Academy - San Antonio’s current programs offer associate degrees in fashion design and marketing, graphic design, and merchandising management. The new bachelor degree programs will broaden the opportunities made available in the Alamo City’s fashion and graphic design industry.

About The International Academy of Design and Technology
The International Academy of Design and Technology provides educational programs that are designed to prepare students for professional opportunities in select design and technology fields. The Academy - San Antonio has been an established institution for more than 25 years and has 10 other campuses across the US. The Academy opened its doors to San Antonio students in April 2007. The Academy is part of Career Education Corporation network of schools (NASDAQ: CECO).The Academy does not guarantee employment or salary. The campus is located at 4511 Horizon Hill Blvd. For more information about the Academy and the programs they offer visit: www.iadtsanantonio.com or call (210) 530-9449.