Designing a Degree Name

January 17, 2007

The International Academy of Design & Technology-Detroit Changes Title of Visual Communications Degree Program to Graphic Design

Troy, Mich. The International Academy of Design & Technology (IADT) announced today that it has renamed the bachelor's degree programs in "Visual Communication" to "Graphic Design," effective for 2007. The college made the name change to more accurately describe the content of the program in keeping with the current terminology in the industry.

"The program is industry-current, but the name 'Visual Communication' was not," explains Peter Schade, Program Chair at IADT. "I looked to the program’s advisory board for guidance on a name that would better suit our program. We believe the name 'Graphic Design' will accomplish what we want for our students, graduates, and for ourselves."

The advisory board for the Graphic Design program is made up of industry professionals from around metro-Detroit. Schade meets with the advisory board twice a year to make sure that the curriculum, and in this instance the name, for the program meets the demands of the industry.

The Graphic Design program is designed to prepare students to create professional, illustrative solutions to commercial design problems. Students will study in such advanced areas as litigation graphics, digital imaging, digital modeling, trade shows, and web design. Integrated projects towards the end of the program focus on the entire design process, tracking of the process, and analysis of the goals and target audience. Students in the program can develop advanced skills in graphic design that should enable them to keep abreast of the changing and emerging technology and subsequent trends in the industry.

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