Events at the International Academy of Design & Technology - Chicago Support A New Day Cambodia

March 4, 2009

Students and faculty work together to raise funds for underprivileged children

CHICAGO (March 4, 2009) -- The students and faculty of the International Academy of Design & Technology - Chicago (the Academy - Chicago) are teaming together to help children half-way around the globe. Four classes of the Merchandising Management Department (Global Sourcing, Business Communications, Fashion Journalism and Fashion Publicity & Promotion) joined forces over recent months to support the efforts of a local photographer, Bill Smith, and designer, Lauren Smith. The Smiths started a 501c3 non-profit organization and a verified NGO (Non-Government Organization), entitled “A New Day Cambodia” that provides education, food and shelter for 100 garbage dump scavenger children of Cambodia. It costs approximately $1200 a year for each child to live at the center, attend English and Khmer school including all clothes, uniforms, school fees and supplies. The final amount collected by the students at the Academy – Chicago for the New Day Cambodia Social Awareness Project was $800. This amount was matched by the Academy, thereby donating $1600 to this organization.

In 2008, the Department Chair, Wilma Kozar, had requested that all Merchandising Management instructors incorporate social responsibility into their course outlines. As a result, the Cambodian Project is the third social awareness project in a series sponsored by the Merchandising Management Department. In February, the campus hosted a speaker from SweatFree Communities – Action Against Sweatshops ( The guest, Vicki Kaplan, talked with the students in an open forum about labor abuses in the apparel manufacturing industry.

Photos are courtesy of Bill Smith. For more information, visit:

Photo of child in Cambodia Photo of child in Cambodia amongst fire