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What Is WebRTC & How Can It Impact Web Design And Development?

September 16, 2013 IADT General, Web Design and Development 0 Comments

Impact On Web Design and DevelopmentHave you been keeping up with technology?

It’s a fast-paced field that seems to constantly be announcing new developments and devices. As a Web Design & Development student, you want to stay up-to-date with the latest technology. It is important to be familiar with new innovations, procedures and techniques.

Here, you can read about one of the newest Web developments. The collaborative initiative, known as WebRTC, has the potential to dramatically impact web browsing. Whether you are interested in user interface design, application design or web development, you are going to want to familiarize yourself with this innovation:

What is it?

WebRTC is an open project that uses Javascript APIs and HTML5 to enable web browsers to use Real-Time Communication applications. The project is currently supported by Google, Mozilla and Opera. To date, it has been launched in both Google Chrome’s stable mode and Mozilla Firefox’s stable mode.

According to reporter Scott Gilbertson of Web Monkey, WebRTC is also a proposed standard “with the goal of providing web-based set of tools that any device can use to share audio, video and data in real time.”

WebRTC is free to use, and designers, developers and even business professionals are being encouraged to start testing it in their preferred web browser.

What will be affected?

Because WebRTC is focused on incorporating real-time applications that would allow users to share audio video and data through their browsers, the initiative could have a dramatic impact on applications such as Skype and Flash. Gilbertson points out that there are many other “device-native apps with web-based alternatives that work in your browser” that might be impacted by the new standards.

This technology could dramatically affect the ways in which application designers and developers work. They might have to consider a new set of standards to build their apps – or even conceptualize new formats for web browser-based work.

When will it be launched?

Currently, Google and Mozilla are the only browsers using the technology. Neither Apple nor any other web browser has been mentioned on the organization’s homepage regarding the launch of the application.

Users who are interested in experimenting with WebRTC may have to activate the feature in their settings. This is especially true of Android users, who can activate WebRTC in their Chrome settings on their smartphones.

Though this initial launch has not been called a beta phase, the technology is new and WebRTC team members are warning new users that there might be some bugs. Adam Roach, a member of the team, told Gilbertson: “it’s tempting to view WebRTC as ‘almost done,’ and easy to imagine that we’re just sanding down the rough edges right now. As much as I’d love that to be the case, there’s still a lot of work to be done.”

He warns that users in these initial phases might experiences some minor disruptions and changes. The team hopes that users will report these bugs so that the problems can be fixed before WebRTC launches in any other browsers.

A complete launch is expected sometime next year.

For more information on WebRTC or other new technology standards that are being developed, talk to your Web Design & Development advisor at IADT.


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