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10 Of The Top Graphic Design Blogs: A Designer's Toolkit

September 18, 2013 IADT General 0 Comments

Top Graphic Design BlogsThe graphic design industry is constantly changing, and there's no better way to keep up with the changes and get a bit of inspiration than from some top graphic design blogs. What makes them great? Besides having a large following on Twitter and Facebook—over 3,000 in most cases—these blogs are extremely informative and provide tutorials, design updates and even free fonts and templates. Listed in no particular order, here are 10 of of the best graphic design blogs, most of which are run by a single individual—not by a corporation.

  1. Designzzz: Run by the designer Ayak Malik, this blog features articles that could benefit even wannabe designers. One of Designzzz's best features is its wealth of articles and tutorials written about Photoshop, Web design and photography. You can probably find an answer to anything graphic design on this blog.
  2. You the Designer: Updated by bloggers Cadence Wu, Kerby Rosanes and Patrick Jude Llagan, You the Designer is a lifestyle graphic design blog, offering various graphic design tools. Tutorials, design trends and inspirational resources are all available here. Wu, the blog's senior blogger, is also open to answering readers' questions. Just ask.
  3. Designmodo: Designmodo is aimed at early adopters and features cutting-edge information on the design community as well as tutorials and examples of good work. You'll find articles on some of the newest design trends, such as single-page Web sites, parallax scrolling and LESS. If you're wondering—What's LESS?—you should visit the blog.
  4. Graphic Leftovers Design Blog: Unlike some other top graphic design blogs, Graphic Design Leftovers provides graphic design news—a must for staying up to date. For instance, they have posts on the new surreal iPad backgrounds and even on how the comic book has influenced graphic design.
  5. Graphic Design Blender: Graphic Design Blender mostly caters to freelance graphic designers. With posts on what to do if your client treats you like an employee and whether you need a contract for each client, this blog is extremely helpful if you need practical business tips on running a graphic design business.
  6. 92 Pixels: 92 Pixels is a one stop shop for designers and Web developers looking for inspiration. Since 2009, 92 Pixels has been offering tutorials, fonts, free templates and even interviews of professional graphic designers.
  7. David Airey: David Airey, an independent designer and blogger at DavidAirey.com, has been running his blog since 2005. One of the best features on his blog is the student resources section, where he answers the most frequently asked questions from design students. Airey's other blog—Love Design Love—is specifically dedicated to logo design. He also authored a book about creating memorable logos by the same name.
  8. Colour Lovers: Colourlovers.com is written by blogger, freelance designer and illustrator Christopher King. As you may have guessed, the blog strongly focuses on how to effectively use color in your design projects. Look for tutorials on Photoshop watercolor brushes and other freebies such as fonts and vector-based graphics.
  9. Vandelay Design: Vandelay Design is a professional design company, but its blog focuses on providing inspiration and resources for other designers. You'll find quality tutorials and Web development tools. Many of the blog's tools, such as the WordPress themes, can be downloaded for free.
  10. Design Love Fest: Design Love Fest is a lifestyle and design blog run by graphic designer turned blogger Bri Emery. You won't find design tutorials here, but instead lots of inspiration. Emery works on design campaigns for major companies such as Snapple, Gap and Samsung. Note how she uses her design background to direct these various campaigns.

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