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Guerilla Marketing: Top Ways To Covertly Advertise For Free

September 18, 2013 IADT General 0 Comments

Advertise For FreeIn today's online viral video society, marketing yourself or your business online is not only extremely popular, it's virtually a requirement. Relying on others to spread the word has created some cult advertising icons in the past few years. One way to get on board with this trend is through guerilla marketing, as shown on creativeguerrillamarketing.com—creatively marketing yourself through unconventional methods. Here are some tips to get started.

Use Facebook and Twitter

Actually advertising on Facebook can cost a little money—and on Twitter it can cost a lot—but it's completely free to create a page on either one of them to promote your business. Exploiting these free websites is a key component of guerilla marketing and there are dozens of ways to make the best use of these resources. Invite people to like your business on Facebook and ask them to share your page with their friends to expand your Web following. On Twitter, you'll need to search for and contact customers through direct messaging, but the only cost is your time and the payoff can be considerable.

Many companies have grown through these methods, but this strategy is generally geared toward small or local businesses.

Start Blogging

Setting up a blog with interesting posts is another great way to get potential customers to view your page and become familiar with your company. Guest bloggers who have a strong following of their own can drive new readers to your site, too.

It's important that your posts be well written and interesting. Also make sure to include keywords that people interested in your kind of business will likely search for. And capitalize on search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure your site will appear on such search engines as Google and Bing. All it takes is a few keywords to get started.

Post Videos

It's hard to keep someone's attention on a website for more than a few seconds these days. Long-winded articles don't grab the eye of many users, but videos are a great way to get attention and grow your audience. Short and funny videos are what the Internet is all about. Even if you show just 10 seconds of a cat wearing your company's T-shirt, that's a start!

Link to Popular Sites

Posting a link to a new blog post, video—or really any content at all from your site—can attract a lot of attention. Do this on a site such as Reddit.com, which is a community message board that attracts users based on their interests; some subsections (called subreddits) are used to build a community of likeminded individuals, and you can inform them about interesting and unique products and services online. But make your links interesting or they'll be ignored, or worse—ridiculed. And that's not the sort of attention you want.

This sort of linking often leads to discussions in which you can participate. People appreciate business owners who interact with potential customers and provide honest feedback. And that is precisely the sort of attention you do want.

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