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4 Ways To Convey Branding Through Internet Marketing

September 9, 2013 IADT General 0 Comments

Branding Through Internet MarketingIt’s an exciting time to be a business, particularly in the western hemisphere, as technology continues to expand its reach, width and depth across almost all industries. Thanks to the power and expansive popularity of the Internet, and due to the capabilities of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!, anyone anywhere can locate a company, product or service that they need. In the past, newspapers, magazines and TV and radio broadcasts were the main highways by which businesses advertised their brand, but with the advent of the “information super-highway,” companies can almost wait for customers to find them. Almost.

Using Internet marketing to ‘broadcast’ their brand across entire countries is now common-place for forward-thinking companies. More affordable than print and broadcast advertising, Internet marketing is also much more effective and has a much larger coverage area. Better yet, web analytics allow companies to actually understand HOW their website and paid online presence is doing and WHO they are reaching – a feat very difficult to do before the arrival of PCs and the Internet.

Below are 4 great ways that companies can convey their brand identity using Internet marketing. We hope you find them useful, or at least good reminders of strategies you may have forgotten.

  • Focused content. With the introduction of business “personas” in to the marketing mix several years back, marketers became aware that different visitors to their websites required different content depending on their needs and concerns. Smart, savvy marketers who desire to promote their company’s brand wisely will make sure that website content is focused to provide brand awareness to readers. Does a company give back to its community with corporate service days? Does a company care enough about the environment to use green products, recycle, and only buy from sustainable providers? Has a company won legitimate awards for its products and services? These types of attitudes and achievements need to be represented in the materials promoted on the Internet so that readers can understand who your company is and what your company cares about.
  • Page-top banners with logos and taglines. Graphic design is alive and well on the Internet and your company’s website should shine with strong visual elements that represent your brand identity well. Does your logo communicate the strength of your brand? Does it convey the humor, efficiency or special character that makes your business model different from competitors? Are your page-top banners using color and abstract or concrete images well to represent your brand? What of your tagline? Do you even have one? The elevator pitch – value proposition tagline is a powerful way to communicate the essential core of your brand instantly to viewers – make sure yours is doing its job!
  • Social media. While social media has proven to be one of the biggest wake-up calls to companies about their need to step-up their Internet marketing presence, there’s still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to communicating a brand via sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Linked In. Content strategy is essential here – you want to send-out focused messages that help to convey Who and What your company is all about, not just random messages about recipes and current events. The burgeoning content curation movement can help in this regards when it comes to social media.
  • Internet video. YouTube continues to grow in popularity every year, and it’s not just for viral videos anymore either. If nothing else, hosting your company videos on YouTube and then linking to them from your site frees-up a lot of bandwidth on your server. You can also use very short videos to communicate whimsical, idealistic or artful branding messages about your company brand or products to be placed on key pages throughout your site, and they’ll be indexed and available on YouTube as well. It’s almost like having 2 websites when you think about it, but not getting penalized for duplicate content!

We’re just scratching the surface when it comes to communicating your brand using Internet marketing. This is the ‘hottest’ arena in town when it comes to advertising and promotions these days, and don’t expect that to change for quite some time.


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