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How to Brighten Your Interior Designs for the End of Summer

September 10, 2012 IADT Tampa, IADT General, Interior Design 0 Comments

Interior Design for SummerDo you need your summer interior designs to be cooler and brighter? Are you sick of those dark colors and heavy fabrics? If so, try these summer interior design tips.

Think Bright Colors

If you swap out your dark colors for bright ones, your interior designs can instantly appear lighter and happier, just in time for summer. Try adding yellow, light green, or sky blue to your color schemes.

Hide Heavy Fabrics

There’s no need for those heavy blankets, pillows, and furniture materials when trying to stay cool in the summer. For furniture, use slip covers made out of light cloth. Exchange heavy blankets and accent pillows for ones made of light material and simple patterns. This is also a perfect opportunity to try out that new bright color scheme. Remember to coordinate your bright colors with these new fabrics.

Store Winter Accessories

If you have dark photos up for winter, exchange them with brighter accessories for summer. Frame pictures showing summer activities. Display beach or water accessories, such as seashells and sailboats. Get rid of those heavy centerpieces and add some vases of bright flowers.

Overall, remember to think cool, happy, and relaxing.


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