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What Do You Want to Know About Graphic Design? Ask IADT's Instructors!

September 20, 2011 IADT General, IADT Online, IADT Chicago, IADT Detroit, IADT Las Vegas, IADT Nashville, IADT Orlando, IADT Sacramento, IADT San Antonio, IADT Seattle, IADT Tampa 0 Comments

IADT Q & ASubmit your graphic design questions over the next week in the comments below, on our Facebook Wall or on Twitter to @IADTschools - we'll take the most interesting, relevant ones back to our faculty and then post the answers in a Q&A.

This Q&A is open to everyone - students, alumni and non-students!

A few ideas on topics to ask about:

  • Advice on tools and software
  • How to create a killer portfolio
  • What types of topics our Graphic Design classes cover
  • The best blogs to read or designers to follow on Twitter
  • Freelancing tips and resources
  • Whatever else you'd like to know!

Keep in mind that the more specific your question, the better - i.e., instead of, "How do I become a great graphic designer?" you might ask, "What software is most important for me to master to become a skilled graphic designer?"

Click here to read more about IADT's graphic design program or here to ask your questions to an admissions representative now.


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