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Cinema Software: How To Save At The Register

October 9, 2013 IADT General 0 Comments

Save On Cinema SoftwareHaving a student ID can save you hundreds when you're heading to the store to buy cinema software, but some students are unaware of how to use their ID cards to get the best savings. Whether you're a part-time or full-time student, there are lots of purchasing benefits, exclusive deals, rebates and gift cards available to take advantage of this year.

Research the Store or Specials

On average, new students can expect to save between 5 to 10 percent off major purchases such as software and computers. For example, the Apple store gives you 10 percent off with your student ID. So if you purchase Final Cut Pro—which costs around $450—you would save $45.

Another great option is to make purchases through Amazon. The online retailer already offers previously used software at deep discounts, and when you sign up for a student account, Amazon will give you free shipping for a year.

Before making any purchase, you should do a little online research. Many stores offer incentives in September, such as rebates on future purchases, a $10 or $20 store gift card (depending on how much you spend) or freebies to go along with your purchase. When you're making major purchases, these incentives really add up.

Think Outside the Box

In addition to using your student ID, think of alternative ways to save money on software. For example, instead of purchasing a full Microsoft Office Suite package—which can be very expensive—downsize to just the programs you need.

If you'd prefer to avoid paying for software altogether, look for free alternatives. Google Drive, LibreOffice and OpenOffice all allow you to view, create and edit documents, save them in .doc or .docx format and even store the documents online.

If you are looking for cinema software, Maxon offers Cinema 4D to students for free. Maxon also offers steep discounts on its other cinema software programs to currently enrolled students. There are also a lot of video editing, multimedia and voiceover applications that can all be downloaded at no cost. Sometimes you just don't need fancy software to edit your film.

Make the Effort

Attending a new school is exciting, and sometimes you're so busy you forget to do your "saving homework," but it's well worth the effort. And the deals are always changing—if you don't see something you like today, wait a little while to see what else turns up. And don't forget: sometimes the best deals aren't advertised. It can't hurt to ask for a special deal.

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