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Graphic Design: How To Specialize Your Education

October 17, 2013 IADT General, Graphic Design 0 Comments

Specialize Your EducationMany professionals are arguing that niches are the future of business. So, what’s your specialty?

Preston D. Lee of Graphic Design Blender argues that designers might be more “likely to be more successful if they focus their energies on one specific skill instead of trying to master a number of different ones,” and he concludes that the jack of all trades is the master of none.

To prevent over-extending, professionals in Graphic Design are focusing their work on niches. They are working to become experts in specific services such as a website design or logo design.

If you are thinking about focusing, then you might want to start by specializing your skillset. You can take specific courses in your Graphic Design degree program to improve your skills and start work in a niche.

Lee says that when a designer focuses on a specialty, they can be flexible and creative with similar projects. The focus also allows them to become incredibly proficient; not only do they practice a specialized skill repeatedly, but they can invest time in researching new trends and developments.

Consider the following ways you can focus your education:


You can take courses in Advertising Design that allow you to develop communication skills and design techniques. These skills can help you create promotional materials, advertising campaign and branded logos.

Consider courses in:

  • Branding and Corporate Identity
  • Typography
  • Digital Imaging

Lee introduces David Airey, who specializes in logo design and advertisement. Lee notes that Airey’s specialty “has led him to become an expert on logo design, write a book and manage a very popular blog.”

Web Design

You can take courses like Web Design that provide you with the skills to develop dynamic websites using backend techniques, including scripting languages and database technology.

Consider courses in:

  • Design Fundamentals
  • Interactive Media
  • Design for Mobile Applications

Ryan Carson is known for creating hand-crafted websites that Lee describes as attractive. Carson leads a team of designers at Carsonified. These designers focus only on web design.

While you pursue your education, take note of the topics that interest you and one day you can use them to create your own niche.


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