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3 Ethics Of Internet Marketing That You Need To Know

October 29, 2013 IADT General 0 Comments

Ethics Of MarketingAre you interested in Internet Marketing? If so, you might want to familiarize yourself with the ethical rules that govern the profession.

The American Marketing Association has established ethical norms and values that they expect members of the association (and marketing professionals in general) to abide by. As marketing becomes more and more Internet-based, the professionals must consider these ethical rules to be transferable.

Traditional marketing ethics can be applied to the Internet. Consider the following three ethics that you can begin to incorporate into your studies and your work on the Internet:

1. Professional Conduct

According to California State University, Long Beach’s Administration (CSULB) department, marketers are expected to conduct themselves professionally and responsibly. This includes:

  • Not knowingly doing harm
  • Following all applicable laws and regulations
  • Disclosing education, training and experience

2. Honesty and Fairness

CSULB also notes that marketers are expected to “uphold and advance the integrity, honor and dignity of the marketing profession.” In regards to the Internet, marketers are expected to advertise themselves honestly. Only then can they serve their customers and clients successfully.

This requires being honest in business relationships between suppliers and distributors. These relationships can be fostered over the Internet, without ever meeting individuals in person. Maintaining ethics to keep these relationships professional and avoid conflicts of interest is incredibly important.

3. Transparency

The American Marketing Association asks marketers to create a “spirit of openness in marketing operations” among partners and clients. This includes striving for clear communication, accepting constructive criticism, taking appropriate action, and disclosing information.

This level of transparency is especially important if you are working online. Communication must be open and clear; customers might want to know a variety of details and it is important that you can effectively share those details—in a trustworthy and timely manner.

Interested in learning more about marketing ethics and Internet Marketing? Consult the American Marketing Association and discuss their Statement of Ethics with instructors at IADT.


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