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What is a Narrative Designer in Game Production?

October 24, 2012 IADT General, IADT Seattle, Game Design and Production 0 Comments

Game Production DesignYour strengths might lie in computer programming. Or maybe you’re interested in exploring your creative talents in graphic design. Perhaps you’re a writer. Regardless of the field you specialize in, if you have technical or creative skills, you might be interested in pursuing game design and production.

If your talents tend toward writing, planning, and creative thinking, then you should learn more about the role of the narrative designer. Whereas game production teams in the past employed writers and game developers who remained in distinct roles, the narrative designer position has evolved to increase the efficiency and cohesiveness of the game design team.

The narrative designer isn’t simply a game writer. Instead, a narrative designer has a much more comprehensive role on a game design and production team. From the perspective of storyline or plot, a narrative designer helps plan and organize to ensure that the story and the game’s graphic design are effectively integrated.

A major responsibility held by narrative designers is coordinating with other members of the game production team to determine the best ways to help the story elements materialize in gameplay. The narrative designer’s role therefore bridges the gap between the written story and the visual design.

The narrative designer replaces yet exceeds the writer’s position. It makes the writer’s role more integral to the entire game design process. That way, a game’s story isn’t fully written before design begins, and design doesn’t begin without progress in the story.

Since the narrative designer has a more expansive role than a typical game writer, they’re expected to have a more thorough background in computer programming, multimedia, game development, or graphic design. The skills and knowledge they develop in one or more of these areas enable them to contribute fully to the game production process.

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