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4 Ways to Personalize an Advertisement

October 23, 2012 IADT General, IADT San Antonio, Graphic Design 0 Comments

Graphic Design AdvertisingDo you want to grab the attention of your target market, but you’re not sure how? Your competitors are developing advertisements and so are you, so you need to know what you can do to edge out the competition and make your advertisements stand out from all the rest. Designing creative, personalized and engaging advertisements is the key to success.

Here are four ways you can personalize an advertisement to entice and engage your target market.

1. Visual Metaphors

One of the most popular and powerful techniques for developing personalized and engaging advertisements is to use visual metaphors. This concept is based on using images to represent certain people, places or things in a way that suggests an association or point of similarity between the two. For example, you might say something about your product being “light as a feather, but as strong as an elephant.” These images draw strong associations between your product and common objects and things that everyone can understand.


As designers, sometimes the focus on perfection is too strong. Making an impact with your advertisement can sometimes be easiest to accomplish if you don’t focus on perfection. For instance, you might add an antique visual effect on your graphics so they have an “old-world” feel. Or, you might opt to not use completely straight lines throughout your design. Imperfection adds a touch of visual interest to an otherwise “perfect” advertisement.

3. Restrict Your Design

Restricting your design can help you make the impact and statement you want to make with your advertisement. You can choose to do this in a number of ways, including text-only design, using mostly photography to get your point across, or relying heavily on diagrams and symbols.

You might even try to concentrate on a single element of your design. For instance, you could choose to focus only on the main heading of your advertisement. Once you’ve developed a strong heading, the other elements of your advertisement will fall into place.

4. Use Play on Words

Puns and word play can be an effective way to make a statement with your advertisement. With advertisements, everyone notices the graphics first, but words play an important role too. In fact, words can even be the main subject of your advertisement if you utilize clever wording. Puns, words with obscure meanings, oddly formed sentences, and other unexpected approaches can grab the attention of your audience.

The next time you’re developing an advertisement and you’re looking for ways to personalize them and make them even more engaging, consider these four techniques. Start thinking outside the box and your advertisements will have a personal, engaging and amusing effect on your audience.

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