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Computer Graphics and Fashion Design

October 24, 2011 IADT Chicago, IADT General, Fashion Design 0 Comments

In most industries, technology is paving the way for an exciting future, and fashion is no exception. Fashion design professionals are embracing new computer programs to help them create cutting-edge fashions faster and better than ever before.

Learn how technology is changing the face of the fashion industry:

  • Create scale. Computer-aided design (CAD) allows designers to create scale and dimensions for clothing, which can help eliminate sizing and hemming adjustments later. For designers who struggle with complex, math-based proportions, this is particularly useful.
  • Virtual perspective. Computer graphics allow fashion professionals to view clothing designs on virtual models. This virtual view allows professionals to see different sizes and colors of clothing so that they can decide what looks best.
  • Faster product life cycle. Fashion styles change rapidly and increased technology helps meet this demand. CAD and artificial intelligence such as avatars allow clothing to be designed and manufactured faster than ever before.
  • The importance of nesting. Computer graphics and programs can help design professionals with the layout of their designs so as to minimize material waste. Nesting also increases efficiency and reduces costs for the design firm.
  • Sketching is still important. While technology brings ideas to life, sketches are still an important part of fashion design. Most concepts are still sketched out by hand prior to being translated to computers.

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