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The Academy Lecture Series 2010

October 1, 2010 IADT Online 0 Comments

From fomer professors, world-renowned performers to social activists, The International Academy of Design & Technology-Online is committed to enhancing the educational experience by bringing top-notch experts to the virtual campus community. Each quarter, IADT-Online is proud to sponsor a lecture series made up of several lectureships and fine arts events for students, faculty and community members to enjoy.

Guest Lecturers in 2010

  1. Glen Perotte (Fine Artists-Digital Photography)
          a.   Fine Art versus Commercial Art
  2. Ken Donaldson
          a.   Health Counseling
  3. Dee Holmes
          a.   Self-Image and Self-Perception in College Students
  4. Josef Mancino (Editor-In-Chief Artistik Magazine)


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