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How to Photograph Food Easily: Styling Tips

December 17, 2013 IADT General, Photography 0 Comments

How to Photograph Food Easily: Styling TipsYou don't need a stylist and set designer to make fabulous food photographs. When learning how to photograph food, keep one simple concept in mind: Make it look appetizing. Dry, soggy or melted dishes don't look good on camera. So, fake it! Here's three ways to give your next batch of food photos a professional look.

Use Food Substitutes

Sometimes working with the actual food item isn't the best way to capture a great image. Ice cream, for example, melts quickly under hot strobes. Instead, use mashed potatoes. They can easily be tinted to match a specific ice cream flavor and look natural even with the addition of chopped nuts or ribbons of chocolate sauce. If you're thinking of photographing a milk mustache, try non-toxic white Elmer's Glue so it will show up well without soaking into skin. Shaving cream also doubles as non-melting whipped cream. Get creative!

Styling the Dish

Once you have the plate, mug, bowl or platter of food ready to photograph, it's time to style it. No matter how good the food looks, the scene around it needs to look equally spectacular. Get a copy of the recipe and use a few of the ingredients as accent pieces surrounding the plate and slightly out of focus in the background. For example, if you're photographing a slice of apple pie, use sticks of cinnamon, colorful apple slices and whole nutmegs to remind the viewer of the delicious ingredients inside the pie.

When in Doubt, Edit It

Thanks to the wonders of Adobe Photoshop, it's simple to remove a stray drip of gravy on a plate or add a shiny highlight to a juicy, polished apple. Sometimes it's easiest and safest to do some post-processing of your food photos. The allure of steam rising from hot cup of coffee is a perfect example.

There's always new and interesting ways to learn how to photograph food. Do you have some food styling tips and tricks up your sleeve? Please share your ideas in the comments below!

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