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3 Tips for Making Your Web Pages Internet Marketing Friendly

November 1, 2013 IADT General 0 Comments

Marketing Friendly Web PagesInterested in Web Design & Development? Hoping you can create pages that are Internet Marketing friendly?

At IADT, interdisciplinary innovation is encouraged. Students in Web Design & Development are encouraged to incorporate a variety of techniques into their designs and backend developments. Using internet marketing skills, students can learn to improve the practicality of their web pages in regards to business, sales and corporations in general.

Read these three tips and learn how you can start improving your student work today:

1. Evaluate Your Content

Content is the most important aspect of a web page—in regards to both design and marketing. Intellisparx’s  design SEO blog outlines some common questions to ask yourself to ensure you are creating quality content on your site:

  • Is the content unique?
  • How useful is the content?
  • Does your content match your business goals?
  • Are you keeping your content up-to-date?

Content can be analyzed using SEO techniques. When you have quality content, these techniques can be used to expand the marketability of your work and analyze its functions.

2. Track Your Conversions

According to Mark Thompson, author of “Tips for Web Designers From an Internet Marketer’s Perspective,” it is important to track information. Thompson notes, “This is what helps us make data driven decisions on our marketing efforts. In order to properly track visitor and conversion data we need to make sure we have a few things setup properly in the back end.”

For web designers and developers, this is important information for improving the internet marketing abilities of a web page. Developers can utilize programs such as Google Analytics to add script to pages and setup conversion goals.

Thompson notes that the data collected from this tracking and from the established goals can work in conjunction with the goals established using SEO.

3. Get Rid of Clutter

Jennifer Lonoff Schiff of CIO recommends keeping pages organized. Too much clutter can detract from the marketing purposes of the page and can overwhelm viewers.

In an interview with Lonoff Schiff, senior digital marketing strategist of DragonSearch Paolo Vidali says, to keep visitors on a site, designers must “make sure pages do not have competing calls to action or visual clutter [e.g., lots of graphics, photographs, or animated gifs] that would draw the visitor’s eyes away from the most important parts of the page.”

Keeping the site minimal can allow viewers to focus on what’s most important.

For more tips on creating Internet Marketing friendly pages, consider consulting with instructors from both the Web Design & Development and Internet Marketing programs at IADT. Both disciplines can provide insight.


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