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3 Tips for Making Fashions Trend Online

November 13, 2012 IADT Chicago, IADT General, Fashion Design 0 Comments

Fashion Trends OnlineWondering how you can improve your fashion design popularity online? One of the keys to success is getting something to trend on Twitter and other social media sites. Follow these tips to take advantage of Internet popularity in the fashion world:

Tip 1: Keep it Natural

The first rule of online trending is that it must be natural. Forcing a trend with your own repeated use of hashtags simply does not create traffic. Instead, advertise a fashion design release or fashion event that deserves attention. Create a specific hashtag to use in all of your print and online advertisements and encourage your customers to use it. This motivates people to participate in the trend, and they can learn about it outside of the Twitter world.

Tip 2: Attract Diversity

As you market your fashion event, whether it’s a design release or fashion show, be sure to target a diverse audience. Not only does striving for diversity increase your audience, but it also empowers your audience members to grow organically and helps spread the news in different circles. Be sure to reach your core market with your design release, but remember all the unreached potential customers. Internet trending can be a tool to find them.

Tip 3: Keep Time in Mind

It’s easy to lose sight of time on the Internet, where availability is unlimited. But when it comes to Internet trends, timing is everything. Remember, the Internet is everywhere. You should take advantage of a potentially broad audience by launching the trend at a time reasonable for multiple time zones. If your trend starts in the evening when other important time zones are significantly later into the night, you’ve lost an audience. Midday is usually a good launch time because it leaves room on both sides of your time zone for audiences from other places. However, keep in mind that your launch time should depend on the areas you want to reach.


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