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Why Graphic Design is Good for Business

November 15, 2012 IADT General, IADT Detroit, Graphic Design 0 Comments

Graphic Design and BusinessAre you unsure of how your graphic design skills can be put to use in a world driven by corporations? You don’t have to doubt your future. Companies rely on graphic designers for invaluable services. Find out why businesses need your graphic design skills.


In today’s highly visual culture, quality design is vital for effective advertising. Businesses have to create visually attractive designs for their advertisements, especially with the increase of marketing available through the Internet. Businesses can’t advertise on content alone, so your ability to design advertisements that unite content and visuals can be valuable.


Graphic design in the real world doesn’t stop at advertising. The Internet creates another need for graphic designers: usability on the Web. While Web designers know the technical ins and outs of making a website, graphic designers can play a significant role in Web design. A site has to be visually appealing to bring in and maintain users, and a graphic designer knows how to visually draw in an audience.

Company Culture

On an internal level, graphic designers can be valuable as developers of company culture. Our world values images as content, so what better way to develop unity among employees than through visuals. Employees trained in graphic design can help create visual consistency in company websites, values, themes and trainings, motivating employees to get involved and value their place in the business.


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