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10 Photography Blogs to Follow Today

October 14, 2011 IADT General, IADT Nashville 0 Comments

Whether you’re an amateur student photographer considering digital photography programs for your future or a professional photographer out in the work force, it’s always good to see the work of other photo enthusiasts. “Dialoguing” with other creative types is a great way to expand your repertoire of photography styles and techniques, and it keeps you humble while inspiring you to work harder at your craft and particular genre or style of photo work.

Below are 10 top photo blogs for your viewing consideration, all offering great images and ideas to help bolster your professionalism and creativity during photo shoots and when you’re out on the streets capturing images. These blogs are not numerically ranked – they’re all outstanding examples.

  • Chicago Uncommon Pictures by Dawn Mikulich offers a wide and diverse photo eye view of the Windy City, broken down into neighborhoods and also by subject matter like nature, skylines and landmarks. Those who have not visited Chicago before will undoubtedly be amazed at the breadth and depth of the Midwest’s most important city.
  • Jalbum – Architecture is a collection of photo albums by photographers from around the world, focused mainly on urban landscapes. The blog accepts contributions, too.
  • Daily Dose of Imagery from Toronto offers gorgeous photos on a daily basis, some of which are simply incredible. The daily production is quite impressive in itself.
  • San Francisco Daily Photography by Manuel Guerzoni presents an inspiring collection of largely black-and-white images from the City by the Bay. It’s often amazing how many beautiful shots can be found in urban paradises across the world.
  • Joe’s NYC is similar to the above blog, but with a bit of a grittier feel thanks to the dirty glory of the Big Apple. Joe sells his prints nicely, too.
  • 365 Portraits is a nifty idea made pretty obvious by the blog’s name. It’s a big effort to produce enough portraiture to show one a day, and this photographer really knows how to capture the personality of his sitters nicely.
  • Earth Shots is a photo-of-the-day contest celebrating the beauty and diversity of the planet. Imagine National Geographic as a mash-up blog and you’ve pretty-much got it.
  • Catchy Colors Photo Blog showcases the best of color photography taken from flickr.com. It’s a beautiful site and a great idea.
  • Light and Shadow describes itself as “light and shadow to shaded light.” It’s another gorgeous site of black-and-white imagery exploring the interplay of light and shadows. We think the famous painter Edward Hopper would like it a lot.
  • Photopreneur features some smooth, smart images as well as great tips and articles for photographers at all stages of their game.

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