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How to Use Graphic Design to Build a Brand

October 24, 2011 IADT Las Vegas, IADT General, Graphic Design 0 Comments

Google. Apple. Nike. Coca-Cola. Starbucks. Target.

What do all these names have in common? They are some of the most influential brands in today’s consumer marketplace. In addition, most people can instantly picture their logos.

When you buy from these companies, you are not only purchasing their products but also their brand.

Not every company has the resources to build a brand as big and influential as Internet giant Google or coffee connoisseur Starbucks. However, brand recognition and corporate identity are still important for the market’s smaller players. Even if a brand’s logo will never be as widely recognized as the Nike “swoosh,” it still serves as something customers can identify when shopping for products and services.

When any company is ready to start building its brand, the first call should be to someone who has formal graphic design training. These people have the skills necessary to turn a company’s vision into a beautiful, clever and attention-grabbing logo. Once the logo is in place, the company can promote it through a variety of marketing efforts to see how it will grow.

The Benefits of Creating a Company Logo

Creating a logo can help a company:

  • Grow its image
  • Gain public awareness
  • Make itself unique and recognizable
  • Stand out in the industry
  • Project a particular image

When that logo is paired with an effective slogan and backed up with quality products and exceptional customer service, you have a recipe for success.

Once a logo is created, graphic designers can use their skills to integrate it across all of a company’s marketing efforts. Once it’s associated with everything the company says and does, consumers will be able to recognize it.

Graphic designers can also get involved with making business cards, letterheads, slogans, packaging and more. If you think you’d like to follow a career path with similar opportunities, consider pursuing your graphic design degree. You can gain the skills and knowledge you need to explore career opportunities all over the marketing and design industries.

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