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The Differences between Large Game Corporations and the Indie Gaming Industry

June 3, 2013 IADT General, Game Design and Production 0 Comments

Game Development & Design

Though the work environment is generally similar, there are several differences between large game corporations and small, independent companies. These differences are important to know, especially if you are considering pursuing a degree in Game Design and Production.

Larger game corporations are often well-established. They have a financial advantage over indie companies, which typically struggle to find funding. This advantage enables larger companies to employ more individuals, to access more resources, and to market to a larger audience. If a person chooses to work at a large company, he or she  may work alongside seasoned individuals and even experts in the field. A person may have access to newer resources, including the latest technology.

However, top talent has been known to leave these larger companies to pursue their own ideas independently. The Indie industry offers successful game designers and programmers the opportunity to develop their own ideas without having to report to overhead.  

Furthermore, there is talent in the Indie industry. Though these individuals may not be as experienced or have access to the latest technology, they are developing impressive – and popular – games on low budgets. Small, independent companies are significantly smaller than the well-known gaming corporations. They cannot afford to employ as many individuals. This means that the workplace is generally more intimate. Additionally, employees are often asked to multitask. Professionals at an indie company may be able to pursue multiple interests and skills rather than be asked to narrow a skillset to a specific function within the larger corporation. This is appealing to anyone who has multiple interests within game design and production.

It is important to note that Indie companies compete well against their larger corporation counterparts. Neither is more successful – or a better choice – than the other. The finished products from both large and small companies tend to have the same feel and are produced in the same manner. The storylines and graphics are comparable. And, in today’s Internet-driven world, Indie companies have been able to use free online marketing to gain success.


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