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What Business and Marketing Skills Do You Need in Fashion Merchandising?

May 9, 2013 Fashion Design and Merchandising, IADT General, Fashion Design 0 Comments

Business and Marketing Skills For Fashion MerchadisersSucceeding in fashion merchandising requires more than a love of fashion. Though that is important, you must also have the right business and marketing skills to pursue opportunities in the industry.

Develop your business and marketing skillset by familiarizing yourself with some key abilities, such as:

Analytical Ability

Problem solving and analytics are essential skills for any businessperson. Fashion merchandisers must be able to establish and abide by a budget while promoting and selling a product.

Furthermore, fashion merchandisers must be able to envision what kind of budget the target market is working with. Fashion merchandisers must determine how a designer’s line fits into a target customer’s budget. Will the designs meet the function needs of the consumer? The target customer must not only want and need the product, but also be able to afford it.

Take into consideration a complex set of issues and data to determine the strategy. Analytical ability is essential to fashion merchandising.

Buying, Selling, Promoting

Professionals are expected to attend fashions shows, buy fashion products, negotiate with suppliers and manufacturers, manage retail stores, design in-store displays, and develop advertising and marketing strategies.

These tasks all require knowledge of buying, selling and promoting. If working with a designer, fashion merchandisers may be responsible for selling the designer’s product to stores. This requires knowledge of the target market and market trends.

Additionally, those working for a retail store may be responsible for buying new lines or items to compliment pre-existing lines. They may also be responsible for promoting these lines. Creativity is an important skill, especially when designing displays or ad campaigns.

Communication Skills

Fashion merchandisers must know how to negotiate with manufacturers, pitch fashion lines to buyers, and spread marketing messages to customers. Communication skills are essential to success in this field, so be articulate and confident.

Forecasting Abilities

It may also be beneficial to fashion merchandisers to be familiar with past fashion trends, current trends and industry developments. Remain current. Forecasting allows you to make informed decisions when you are promoting, buying or selling.

This is a general interest article and not based on any specific school, or the experience of our graduates.


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