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4 Web Design Blogs to Follow

June 4, 2013 Web Design and Development, IADT General, IADT Chicago 0 Comments

Web Design Blogs Looking for the latest tricks and trends in Web design? Web design and development professionals in the field can be a helpful resource for ideas and information. Check out the following blogs to help stay on top of the industry:

1. Webdesigner Depot

This diverse site is a resource for all things Web design. From business to top designs to typography to art, this blog offers an unlimited supply of design ideas. Take advantage of the authors’ acute eye for the latest trends while enjoying their humorous Web design short stories.

2. Noupe

Owned by industry leader Smashing Media, Noupe is an expert Web development and design blog. You can access free Wordpress templates, tutorials, Photoshop resources and design concepts. Noupe promises to offer Web development news covering the following subjects:

  • CSS
  • Ajax
  • JavaScript
  • Web design
  • Graphics
  • Typography
  • Advertising

3. UX Booth

If you’re into the user experience side of Web development, UX Booth is the blog for you. This community-oriented website is highly focused on starting conversations to make the Web a better place. Read about topics such as Web delivery pace and use ideas from design case studies. Then, contribute your own feedback and ideas to the user experience community.

4. Web Design Ledger

From inspirations to free design tools, Web Design Ledger is another all-encompassing resource for the Web developer. You can access news resources, industry tips, design tools, tutorials and more.


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