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10 Tips for Searching Google Like a Pro

May 11, 2012 IADT San Antonio, Internet Marketing 0 Comments

Internet Marketing: SearchingGoogle is one of the primary search engines on the Internet, allowing users to find information on any topic. But sometimes simply inputting the name of the topic you need information on may not provide the results you want. However, you can tip the odds in your favor by following these 10 tips to for searching like a pro:

  1. Add quotation marks around your search terms. If you input terms without quotes, Google searches for each word on its own or in any combination. The quotes force the search engine to look for only those words in that exact order.
  2. Use the proper terminology in your search. If you use generic layman's terms, you are more likely to get results for less reputable sites. Using topic-specific terms ensures you get the best results for your topic.
  3. Narrow down your search by excluding terms in your search. In the advanced options for Google, you can exclude certain words from your search to narrow your topic down -or just use a dash before any words you want to exclude in the standard search field.
  4. If you don't know the exact terms for which to search, use an asterisk to fill in blanks. For instance, to search for a company's unknown product, search for the company's name followed by an asterisk.
  5. Avoid using symbols in your search. Google doesn't acknowledge many of the symbols on the keyboard, except those which help you to narrow or expand your search.
  6. Use the word "or" in all capitals to search using two different terms that you don't want to appear on the same page. For instance, if you want to search for a document from one of two specific dates, use the "OR" between the dates so Google knows to look for one or the other, not both.
  7. Keep your search brief yet specific. When you use a lot of words in your search, you are severely narrowing the possible results you receive. Use just enough words to get the results you need.
  8. Search within a specific site or type of site by typing "site:" followed by the site’s name after your search term. This limits searches to a specific site.
  9. Avoid using general words, such as “website” or “company.” These types of words typically create unneeded results.
  10. Allow Google to find synonyms to any search terms by placing a "~" in front of the search term. This works well if a term has commonly-used synonyms.

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