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IADT-Chicago’s 5/31 Tech Showcase: What It’s All About

May 25, 2012 0 Comments

Information Technology (IT) and Computer Forensics (CF) - how are they related? Some say computer forensics is just information technology on steroids! What drives IT and CF professionals? I think it is the drive to solve problems and figure out puzzles.

IADT-Chicago offers an IT program that guides students through that process, whether it’s learning the ins and outs of computers, designing a computer network, setting up a database structure to hold the countless pieces of data that everyone seems to need, figuring out how to write a program to help you with these never-ending tasks, and making sure everything is secure throughout - that’s what we do!

IADT-Chicago’s CF program starts with some of the basics of IT and then builds upon that learning to advance to the true investigative nature of computer forensics. The building blocks of uncovering digital evidence include identifying what needs to be investigated, recovering the evidence, preserving the evidence and then analyzing what you recovered. There are all kinds of neat tools, both hardware and software, that help you uncover that evidence.

Come check out the IT/CF Tech Showcase at 5:30 p.m. on May 31 at IADT-Chicago.  Our faculty, all industry professionals, along with our students, will let you in on some of the ways this all works:

See how Computer Forensic specialists extract crime scene data!

So you thought (or the criminal thought) that file was erased! That’s what they want to believe, but we have a way to recover that file and find the hidden information.

View a demonstration of how data travels from your PC to the cloud!

OK, it seems all we hear about these days is “the cloud.” What does that mean, and how does your information get there? See what it takes to set up that network highway to get that file, that document, that picture (whatever you have), from your computer to that infamous cloud (and back again)!

Learn how to “tune up” your computer.

This is where you will learn the hardware side of Information Technology. What are all those piece parts inside the “box”? This session will be a hands-on of how computer professionals physically go into a computer and work with the insides. You will get to open a computer and identify the parts of the computer inside. Then we will replace some memory or perhaps even the CPU. Finally, we will put everything back together.

RSVP today to 877-ACADEMY to reserve your spot.

-Laura Welmers, Program Chair of Information Technology & Computer Forensics, IADT-Chicago

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