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What Does A Publication Designer Do?

March 25, 2013 Graphic Design, IADT General, IADT Chicago 0 Comments

publication graphic design course imageThis is a general interest article and not based on any specific school, or the experience of our graduates.

Publication designers are graphic design professionals trained to create publishable layouts. According to eHow.com, they are experienced in typography, color, print layouts and online layouts.*

What Do They Do?

A publication designer usually works within a focused area of publishing, such as newspapers, online journalism, books, magazines, etc. They are experts in their field of publication design. Their days often include:

  • Staying updated on news in their field of publication
  • Applying visual techniques to accompany the text and other elements of a publication
  • Creating new design ideas to add innovation to the appearance of their publications
  • Using digital software to design layouts

Where Do They Work?

Publication designers can work in a variety of settings, including graphic design agencies, book publishing companies, magazine publishers, newspapers, and Web design companies. Much of a publication designer’s work is done digitally, so it’s also possible for publication designers to do freelance work from their homes.

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