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User Interface Design in Game Production

March 20, 2013 Game Design and Production, IADT General, IADT Seattle 0 Comments

User Interface Design For Game Production ImageWhat You Need to Know about User Interface Design in Game Production

User interface design is an essential part of the game design and production field. What makes user interface design such an important component in game design? The entire functionality of a game can depend on its usability. If functions and menus are hidden from a user, they will quickly lose interest and abandon all of your hard work.

When a company is creating a game, the most important quality in the game design and production professional they hire is their ability to create an intuitive user interface design.

Important Components of User Interface Design

So what are the important components that make up a user interface? By getting a better understanding of the following elements involved in user interface design, you will be able to better master the skills involved in making a user interface:

  • User controls
  • Character movement
  • Drop-down menus
  • Screen controls
  • Feedback systems
  • Screen design
  • Screen layout
  • Screen description

The most important thing when creating a user interface is the usability. Creating a system that is crystal clear and simple-to-operate is essential to the success of your game.

You have to get into the mind of the user when creating a user interface. Whether the game is for mass production, military use or training purposes, it has to be user-friendly. This can be very difficult for game designers. When you work with something on a daily basis, it is easy to become too invested to notice errors.

Testing is a major component to user interface design. Having someone on the outside testing the components of your design will make it much easier to spot any issues or difficulties that players will encounter. Trial and error is a major aspect of game design and production, and as a professional in the field, flexibility is mandatory.

Interested in mastering the skills you need to create professional user interfaces? Consider growing your skills in a focused game production and design degree program offered at a school near you.

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