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3 Tips for Streamlining Your School Search

March 28, 2013 IADT General, Preparing for College 0 Comments

school search help imageThinking of going back to school? Searching for degree programs can be overwhelming and complicated, but you don’t have to stress. Follow these three tips for streamlining your school search to make the research process easier:

Set Professional Goals

The first step of your school search should be setting goals for yourself. This can be done by answering the following questions:

  • Why do you want to go to school?
  • What professions interest you?
  • How do you need to prepare for your professional future?

When you set professional goals, your school search can gain direction and a purpose, and you can be more motivated to find the best degree program for your interests.

Know Your Educational Needs

Once you’ve narrowed down your school search to degree programs that empower you to achieve your goals, start focusing on more specific needs. Consider how you perform best in the classroom. Do you enjoy discussion-based classes, or are lectures the best learning setting for you? If you want hands-on experience for your future profession, there are some degree programs that might suit you best. Go back to your goals to find out how a school’s teaching style can best prepare you for the future.

Make a Checklist

Now you’re ready to complete the ultimate school search streamlining task: making a checklist. Create one list of everything you’re looking for in a school, including degree programs, teaching styles, classroom sizes, instructors’ experience, and anything else you need to reach your goals. Create a spreadsheet including each school that interests you, and check off which attributes they offer. This process can help you complete a thorough research and comparison of your options. When you check off most of the items on one school’s list, you know you’ve found a final contender.


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