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The Sock-Matching Manifesto for Men

March 29, 2013 Fashion Design and Merchandising, IADT General, IADT Sacramento 0 Comments

socks for men in fashion merchandising Socks are a tricky item in the fashion world. Many men don’t put any thought into wearing socks besides finding a pair and putting them on, and sometimes they get away with it.

However, the intricacies of matching extend far beyond that of simply choosing a matching pair. Men who are serious about their professional appearance need to understand and follow the basic rules to matching their socks to their outfits.

The Context of Sock-Wearing

One major rule to matching socks is that context is crucial. The more formal the occasion, the more careful you should be in choosing your socks. Wearing socks with sandals is fine if you’re at home and no one can see you, for example. When you’re at work or in another situation that calls for more dressy attire, make sure you choose socks that match your outfit.

Matching socks to your outfit doesn’t mean pairing bright blue socks with your bright blue button-down. Instead, you want to focus more on your pants and shoes. Before you match your socks, your belt and shoes should match to give your outfit a cohesive look. You should also choose shoes that complement your pants (brown shoes and black pants are a big mistake, for example).

Sock-wearing Tips

Here are some more fundamental guidelines for matching your socks for all occasions.

  • Don’t wear socks with sandals
  • Wear ankle or no-show socks with sneakers when you’re wearing shorts. It simply looks better
  • Never wear white socks with dress pants
  • If your pants are a lighter shade, choose socks that are slightly darker
  • Avoid wearing socks that are the exact same shade of your pants. Wearing black socks and blacks, however, is acceptable
  • Aim to match your socks to both your pants and shoes. If your pants and shoes contrast, give priority to your pants. That is, pair beige socks with beige pants and brown shoes. Wearing brown socks in this scenario adds a strange chunk of color from your ankle down

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