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The Importance of Page Layouts

March 6, 2013 IADT General, IADT Tampa 0 Comments

Importance of Page LayoutThe way a Web page looks could make or break your website, no matter how good your content is. If a user is pleased with the appearance of the page, they are more likely to consume your content. Understand the importance of page layouts so you can use your Web design and development skills effectively.

User Experience

Page layouts can make user experiences enjoyable or unpleasant. And website users make decisions quickly, so it’s important that your page layouts are appealing from the start. Don’t let users click to another website simply because they were confused or distracted by your layout. Instead, apply these best practices:

  • Use simple and matching fonts
  • Make content easy to read with contrasting colors
  • Allow for user interactivity
  • Design a simple navigation

When you apply these tactics, users can quickly understand your website and enjoy their experience without hiccups.


User conversions should be high on your Web design priority list. What are the goals of your individual pages? Be sure to use your layout to clearly lead users to your goal. Your layout and content should:

  • Be concise
  • Walk users through every step
  • Have obvious priorities

While different websites and goals call for contrasting layout practices, always keep conversions in mind. What do your users need to see and know before they take a step of action? This might involve placing a clear call to action “above the fold.” But in some cases, it means giving users all of the information they need before calling them to action at the bottom of the page. Put yourself in your users’ position to make layout decisions that serve them and your website.


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